February 25-27, 2022

****** Most updated info will be on fb event page: “Colorado Acro Fest 2022https://www.facebook.com/events/658802064925031/ *********

February 25-27, 2022

EARLY BIRD: First 100 Tickets – $200 manifest (+ $75 to include Friday Intensive)
Late Bird: $250 (+ $90 to include Friday Intensive)
Late Late Bird: $275 (+ $100 to include Friday Intensive)

Venmo to: @ColoradoAcroFest (no fees, please include your email address in the comment)
Paypal is available if you send us an email or fb message, and eventbrite page will be coming up soon (***Check the fb event page for updates on payment options***)

Everyone! This festival is passionate about supporting diversity and cultivating an inclusive, consensual, and supportive environment to experience acro!

A wide array of acro classes ranging from raw beginner – advanced practitioner in both in L basing and standing acrobatics.

Colorado the beautiful! (Exact location will be on fb event)

Email ColoradoAcroFest@gmail.com

WE ARE BACK!!!! After a crazy era in global history we are optimistic that we will be able to gather like in the old days. Join us an let’s get back to making new friends, learning new skills and enjoying the beauty that is Colorado!

The goal of this festival is to bring practitioners and industry leaders from around the globe together to experience the beautiful CO community, culture and landscape.

Let’s get together in celebration of our mutual love of the acro community and all the styles of acrobatics that encompass this growing practice.

We will be including instructors from every tradition from circus acrobatics, to cheer, to acroyoga, to sports acro, to icarian, to yoga slackers, to dutch acrobatics and beyond.

Friday we will be offering a 6 hour day long intensive as an add on to the weekend festival pass. You are eligible to attend the Friday intensives if you are attending the festival.

🔸 LAST YEAR’s TEACHER LINE UP: (Check fb event page for updated teacher line up around August )
Caitlin Cook & Dane Heimann of Duo Die Acrobatics
Niko Douwes & Blox Acrobatics of partner-acrobatics.com & Pitch Catch Circus: School of Acrobatics
Christine Moonbeam, LIFT School of Acrobatics co-founder, Pitch Catch Circus Coach, Christine Moonbeam Acro founder
Fractal Tribe Teachers including Marisa San Martin Kellogg
John Marquiss (Partner Acrobatics and Acro Rev teacher)
Millissa Greenwood (AcroYoga Montreal)
Valtteri Rantala
Devin Acro (LIFT and Acro Rev Teacher)
Courtney Julia (Acro Rev Teacher)
Darren Ceckanowicz (LIFT Teacher)
Kasey Topp (LIFT Teacher) & Steve Groendyk
Danny Smith & Aniane Smith The Acro Smiths
Cassie Drew & Ryan Hamity (AYI teacher, Pitch Catch Circus and Sports Acrobatics Coaches)
Sarah Sofia Wilde & Jay Mpelezos (Pitch Catch Circus Trained)
Bryson Lloyd (aka Bryson Blue, LIFT Teacher)
Michelle Griffith (Yoga Slacker & Acro Rev Teacher)
Jen Cameron (AYI Teacher and Flight Club founder)
Matt Jeffers (LIFT Teacher)
Amanda Jo Law (LIFT Teacher)
Drew Douglas Butler
Emily Montesinos (LIFT Teacher)
Kira Krick (Partner Acrobatics Teacher)
Alex Giordano (Acro Mastermind Teacher and Lux SeattleAcro Trained)
PJ Palaunu
Katie Frayler
Sarah Parsons (Super Heroes Teacher)
Laura Zeigler (AYI teacher, Acro Yoga Family Co-Creator www.yamiyogi.com)
Jeremy Kluge (Yoga Slackers Teacher)
Charlie Seeman
Sarah Kat Acro (LIFT Teacher, Yoga Slackers Teacher)
Aaron McGarity (Yoga Slackers Teacher)

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